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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

I'm a first year, 1st grade, teacher!

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These kids are just like me.

-“LET’S PLAY COOKING!!!” (a little boy when playing with unifix cubes during indoor recess)

-Me: What was your favorite part of your camping trip?

Z: When we got to sleep. I love sleeping. I wish I could sleep all the time and never have to wake up.

I am in love with this book! We learned that there is Girls’ day and Boys day in Japan!!
I need all Yoko books now!

I am in love with this book! We learned that there is Girls’ day and Boys day in Japan!!

I need all Yoko books now!

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This morning was full of productivity and good behavior. For recess, I had a new soccer ball, jump ropes, and a frisbee to take out. As we lined up a few kids said they loved me. They were so excited. I said, “We cannot tackle while playing soccer and we have to cooperate and share, etc, etc.” OH GAH that didn’t work. So I made it organized and we took turns kicking. Then we had a real soccer game and I was the goalie and we were all laughing and having fun. 

Once we got inside it all went downhill and kids were arguing and bullying one another (some arguments were about soccer). I spent the next 30 minutes counseling students rather than doing much needed interventions. They turned it around and calmed down during math (I had a fun game)…and then got all riled up again when it was time for me to record their behavior for the day.


Nerding out with school right now. Love fluency passages and progress monitoring and binder rings and plastic sleeves.

Also, rookie teacher of the year makes me want to work even harder!!!

I wish you were my mom because you’re so nice.

-A student of mine


Happy things

-It makes me really happy to see how much kids enjoy puzzles.

-A coworker said, “I absolutely adore  you; wish *insert my school name here* had a hundred clones of you! 

Note to myself: Goals for 2014

DO NOT let the pressure and stress get to you when in front of the children. They deserve your full, happy attention every second of every day. Enjoy these 5 months with them and don’t take it for granted because you will miss them more than anything in the world when your 1st year is over. Build up their self-esteem and shower them with love and life lessons. Get to know them more and tell them about yourself too. Work even harder to be a better teacher because they deserve it. Remember to laugh and smile and be positive. For them and for you.

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After being at school from 6:30-5 today they made us work a shift at McDonald’s!!!! I got to eat with one of my students and that was very fun, but omg when do I sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!?!?!


One of my little girls has been asking me to put these little sparkly clips in her hair lately. Needless to say she is adorable and it’s cute how the glitter gets all over her hair and face. The other day she told me she dropped one in the toilet and there I found a little red clip in the toilet. She started crying as I told her we had to flush the toilet (she had used the bathroom in there). I hugged her and told her it would be okay. I said, “at least you still have another clip! I lose stuff sometimes to and I know it’s hard!”

I am often a counselor and a nurse who hands out band-aids and ice and a teacher…

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1st grade

I haven’t had any time to blog about school! This is the craziest journey. I am happy to be in 1st grade and it’s weird to think I was teaching 5th a couple months ago! Some days are not so great, but I am trying to keep positive and remember to enjoy the time I have with these awesome kids. 2 are moving and I am sad!! I’m sure I’ll get new students any day. 

Teaching is..so hard. There is so much pressure to get everything done and find time to test the kids with the county’s super hard tests. I thought I was born to be a teacher, but there are so many things I still need to learn and improve on. I am anxious to just be that perfect teacher who can do everything and help every kid understand every topic. So many teachers are hard on themselves like this. It’s hard not to be with all the pressure. I don’t want a kid to be behind because of me. 

BUT I love these kids and the community, so I am determined to make their lives better and teach them to love life and learning. I want them to learn how to work together and love everyone because that will make our world a better place. 1st graders are the best. (When I switched to 1st a lot of my 5th graders cried and it was HEARTBREAKING. Luckily I see them often and they give me notes and hugs)